Gracie Street West – Wellington, Florida

Gracie Street has an extensive client base from the equestrian community.
 Lifelong "horse person" Dougie Mutch insists that she doesn't "do equestrian interiors" but rather specializes in "interiors that reflect the lifestyle of the equestrian." Her designs are not themed but rather emphasize a collected look of unique pieces that allow the space to speak of the individual horseman without an over abundance of polo mallets and hunt whips.

For many years Gracie Street has been intricately involved in the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida. For years, Gracie Street had the pleasure of participating in the creation of the Diamond Horse Shoe and Jockey Clubs. Members will recall the feeling of coming off the dusty trails and entering the "tent" that was transformed into a sophisticated yet cozy retreat. And, Members of the Equestrian community cannot fail to recall the quaint storefront maintained on the horseshow grounds housed in a transformed blacksmith shoppe.  Horses and riders were greeted by our quaint little boutique and outdoor porch bursting with unique collections of home furnishing, accessories and art year after year.

As the horse show grounds and operation transformed over the last few years, so too has Gracie Street's presence. In 2009 we moved to the promenade of shops where we created our boutique in a tropical oasis.
 In 2010, Gracie Street had the honor of appointing "The Chronicle Connection" exhibitor services area. We were proud to have had the opportunity to turn this functional area into an eye pleasing one as one as well, following the philosophy that we apply to all of our interiors. The designers at Gracie Street take a personal approach to show clients how to best utilize their space with a design that includes the client's personality. In the chronicle of the horse location Gracie Street created a cozy internet lounge retreat that speaks to the equestrian spirit. For the 2011 season we returned to vendor row with "Gracie Street Corner" a comfortable lounge area in the Alessandro Albanese Boutique.

For the 2013 and 2014 seasons we partnered up with friends at Cross Gate Gallery, to showcase wonderful fine art in the comfortable setting of one of Gracie Street's pop up interiors.

Gracie Street has been thrilled to remain a welcome site for participants and spectators throughout this year, and 2014 will be no exception. We look forward to seeing you out there!